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An aspiring competitive figure skater, currently at ISI Freestyle 3
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I’m off to Taipei for a holiday and will be without my laptop. Also likely to be without ice… I’m so used to skating 3 times a week and suddenly I’m going to be off the ice for more than a week. I know it’s not a long time but ahhhhh I’m gonna miss skating so much. I hope I won’t lose anything when I get back. 

See you guys next week! :) 

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Wish I could do nice spirals too but nope here’s me and my lack of flexibility hahaha. 

Wish I could do nice spirals too but nope here’s me and my lack of flexibility hahaha. 

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All the time favourite figure skating programs -> Yuna Kim “Nessun Dorma”

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If you are looking to read an inspiring post that will motivate you to skate, this is not what you are looking for and you might not want to read on. I guess we all have such days. Today is just one of those days for me. 

I feel insecure proclaiming this online but since this blog is a log of my skating progress… today, I actually attended a learn-to-skate instructor training. I failed the assessment because of my forward crossovers. I admit I still feel awkward doing forward crossovers in the opposite direction and that I avoid doing it because I don’t want to look like an idiot. Perhaps one day I’ll go back to redo the assessment. But for now, yes I think this serves as a reminder that my footwork is pathetic and it’s high time I start to incorporate all the basic elements which have long been forgotten into every practice session. 

Kind of demoralised today because most of the other skaters at the assessment today were really good. They were mostly ex-competitive skaters who are no longer skating much but returning to coach. I feel small. And a bit tired. I might have been skating too much - almost daily this holiday. Think I should cut down on the ice time and rest my body a bit. Note to self: Always remember your love for figure skating and never treat it like an obligation. Practice shows, so does passion.

P.S. This is a depressing post, I know, but I’m okay. Just tired but it’ll be okay. I’m probably going to get over it and be back on the ice in a couple of days - not even weeks haha. 

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Today I attended my first yoga class in 3 weeks. I know I should really go for yoga more often but it’s a bad habit of mine. I can’t seem to stay dedicated to anything else but skating hahaha. 

Never thought that I would be able to do a bielman off ice one day but hey look!!! So proud of myself. It’s not even close to Julia Lipnitskaia’s of course. Good enough for me though.

The 2nd photo is the bird of paradise pose. It’s my dream to do that on ice. I need to get my leg up higher and one day I will add that spiral into my program! 

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Not really a progress video, just that I’ve recently moved rinks. My old rink is closing for renovation. So here’s a scratch spin at the new rink. They don’t allow jumps and spins at times so… it’s gonna be hard to practice. We’ll see. 

Not my best scratch spin either. Maybe I get stressed whenever there’s a camera around hahaha. And anyway I still don’t have enough speed in my spin. 

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