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Cheryl 21 Singapore
For the love of figure skating

An aspiring competitive (not at the olympics of course) figure skater, currently at ISI Freestyle 3-4
Skating since Jan 2013, started lessons Sept 2013

My personal tumblr : flashingneonlights

Anonymous asked: You should consider turning anon off if this anon hate continues. You dont need negativity in your life :)


Thank you, nobody deserves negativity like this. :)

I leave anon on because there have been nice anons and sometimes people just have questions to ask. But perhaps you’re right. :) 

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Anonymous asked: Totally agree with the previous poster. U need a better teacher for skating or u need to do something you're actually good at.


Don’t understand what’s up with all the anon hate these days lol. 

Perhaps I am not as good as you. That’s fine. I started old so I’m not going to learn as quickly. Also, I have only been skating for a year or so and not for half my life. And there are other problems you don’t even know about. I am struggling to get in practice time as a recreational skater because ice time is hard to get here. No practice is allowed during public sessions. There are a few freestyle sessions with exorbitant prices, which are probably more for competitive skaters. 

I’m not aiming for olympics or any triple jumps. Whether I take 2 or 5 or 10 years to land a single axel, is there a problem with that as long as I’m happy doing what I do? 

I am skating because I enjoy it and I sincerely want to learn. Or at least I used to before people started to be so judgmental. Are you happier when you make others feel bad about themselves? Who are you to judge and tell others they’re ‘not good enough’ when they are still trying to improve? Were you perfect all your life?

What? I’m supposed to be good at something without even trying? You’ll never be good if you don’t try. The real losers are people who quit without even trying just because they aren’t good enough right now. 

P.S. I never asked anyone to follow me. If you think I’m really bad at skating, please don’t visit my blog or follow me because evidently, this is MY blog and it exists for me to post about my skating journey. You’re welcome to leave. Thank you.

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gracie gold } 2014 nebelhorn trophy, 3rd in SP [3Lz fall] (protocols)

The comment lol. How sad is it that no one watches figure skating anymore. 

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Anonymous asked: your videos are a good source of laughter when I need to brighten my day.


Thank you. Your life must be pretty dull if you see a need to make such a rude comment. In that case, I guess you need the laughter. But I suggest you go out a bit and make some friends instead of resorting to laughing at other people online. 

Also, I really hate when people who try to step on others just because they can hide behind a computer screen and be anonymous. 

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Tatiana Volosozhar & Maxim Trankov, Free Program, Sochi 2014

The gold medallists.

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Time to teach som kids how to skate!

Why does your rink look so beautiful? 


Time to teach som kids how to skate!

Why does your rink look so beautiful? 

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