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An aspiring competitive figure skater, currently at ISI Freestyle 1/2
Skating since Jan 2013, started lessons Sept 2013

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Coach taught me salchow today! I suck so much at it and was feeling a bit down, but hey as my coach said: “Don’t worry, I only spent 10 minutes teaching this. Just keep practicing and you will get it like you always do.” 

So to everyone else who may feel like me, like you’re stuck somewhere… just remember, the good skaters have been doing that same element for YEARS. I always tend to forget too and I sometimes expect myself to be perfect. Oh well. We will all get better with practice!! Keep going! :) 

Other things to practice from today’s class: 

  • Backward outside three turn (4 entries: mohawk, outside 3 turn, inside 3 turn - same foot and diff foot)
  • Backward inside three turns - still failing
  • Left inside edge, LFO3, half flip, left inside edge 
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The end of figure skating season really made me understand why “summer time” and “sadness” should be in the same sentence.

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It’s time to see what I can do, to test the limits and break through. No right, no wrong, no rules for me. I’m free.” 

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If there is one thing I’m proud of, it’ll be my spins. I could tell you ten things I don’t like about this video e.g. my free leg is in the wrong position, not enough revs, not fast enough… but overall I think it’s not a bad first attempt. I will improve on it. :) 

So yup today we did one foot spins. Like spinning with your free leg straight and outwards (?). I don’t know what it’s called but I guess this is prep for the scratch spin. Coach was like “oh that’s fast” when he saw my spin hahaha. Maybe he didn’t expect me to pull the leg in and still manage to spin. :P 

Other things to practice:

  • Backward inside three turns (L & R) 
  • Backward outside three turns (work on sequence for right, work on two foot turns for left) 
  • Ballet jumps (need to stop pausing before the jump) 

By the way, happy easter everyone! :) 

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Skated tonight at a (kinda) freestyle session with many figure skaters. Felt so alone and I wonder if I will ever have any friends. I’m so much older than everyone. Wouldn’t it be awkward if I joined recreational competitions but don’t have any friends?? :( 

Also, I was actually feeling quite good about my one foot spins. I can hold it for a few more revolutions, sometimes. But then I look at everyone else saying their scratch spins/backspins etc. suck and I think… oh man I suck.

Ugh woes of a beginner FS skater. 

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My friend was taking videos of her scratch spin and hey look, she caught my hideous one foot spin at the back too. I’m the one in the turquoise jacket haha. It is definitely not my best spin but I suppose this is how my spins look like on average. :( 

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Jeremy Abbott (USA) fights through his program after a terrible fall and receives a standing ovation from the audience during the figure skating men’s short program

Just looking at that fall makes me ache all over… ouch ouch OUCH.

This is why figure skaters are so inspiring. It’s not just about the falls, it’s also about all the skaters who skate on despite their injuries. :’) 

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