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An aspiring competitive figure skater, currently at ISI Freestyle 1/2
Skating since Jan 2013, started lessons Sept 2013

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Skated tonight at a (kinda) freestyle session with many figure skaters. Felt so alone and I wonder if I will ever have any friends. I’m so much older than everyone. Wouldn’t it be awkward if I joined recreational competitions but don’t have any friends?? :( 

Also, I was actually feeling quite good about my one foot spins. I can hold it for a few more revolutions, sometimes. But then I look at everyone else saying their scratch spins/backspins etc. suck and I think… oh man I suck.

Ugh woes of a beginner FS skater. 

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My friend was taking videos of her scratch spin and hey look, she caught my hideous one foot spin at the back too. I’m the one in the turquoise jacket haha. It is definitely not my best spin but I suppose this is how my spins look like on average. :( 

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Jeremy Abbott (USA) fights through his program after a terrible fall and receives a standing ovation from the audience during the figure skating men’s short program

Just looking at that fall makes me ache all over… ouch ouch OUCH.

This is why figure skaters are so inspiring. It’s not just about the falls, it’s also about all the skaters who skate on despite their injuries. :’) 

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I finally got my right backward outside three turns!! Without cheating hehe. And I’ve done my first few jump combis. Not a big deal but I’m happy. 

Things to practice:

  • Left outside three turn, right backward outside three turn, right mohawk
  • Waltz jump-ballet jump combi
  • Half flip, right inside three turn, ballet jump 

On a random note, my coach told me he’d let me know if there are any recreational competitions (like the ISI kind) coming up and he says that I’ve to try. Yay I’m so excited haha. I think it’s because he saw me watching nationals yesterday and he was all “are you inspired to join too?” :D YES I AM. Not now but I will join someday. :D 

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can not be more beautiful.

yúlia lipnítskaya.

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What we worked on today

  • Straight mohawks into backward crossovers 
  • Forward crossovers (left & right) - YES, I still suck at forward crossovers on one side hahahaha omg this is embarrassing but yes…. I still have to work on the undercut (I think?). 
  • Waltz jump, toepick hop, waltz jump
  • Ballet jump

So yep I think we’re already on FS2 stuff yay. Can’t wait to work on scratch spins. 

I still have a lot of things to practice - especially footwork. I hate footwork because I’m awful at it hahaha. But we have to do it, I know I knowwww. 

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